A major loss for the National Army…the Houthi militia controls a strategic mountain in the Juba District


Today, Monday, the terrorist Houthi militia made field progress, after fierce military battles, amid a decline and collapse in the ranks of the national army, in the Marib Governorate (east of the country).
Field sources said that the Houthi militia had taken control of “Al-Maghara” mountain in the Juba district, south of Ma’rib governorate.
The sources confirmed that the Houthi militia had incurred heavy losses in life and equipment during its military attack on Al-Maghra mountain in Al-Juba.

According to the sources, the control of the mountain is about facilitating the Houthi militia’s path in the district.
At the same time, the militia is engaged in fierce military battles on the outskirts of the Abdiya district, which has been besieged for weeks, south of Marib, in a desperate attempt to storm it.

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