A major setback for the Houthis… Specific military operations of the army liberate a number of sites in Taiz


The battles continue for the third day in a row on the northern and western fronts in Taiz governorate, during which the Houthi coup militia suffers great losses in personnel, equipment and equipment, after its suicide attempts to achieve any progress on the fronts of Taiz to raise the morale of its members, after it lost hundreds of dead of them on the fronts of Ma’rib governorate. Which caused her more confusion and terror, and splits in her ranks..

Identical media field sources reported that the National Army launched a counterattack, through which it managed to liberate a number of sites west of the city, and this comes after thwarting Houthi attacks.

The National Army forces carried out a successful circumvention of the Houthi militia positions in the Salh Valley, east of the city, inflicting heavy losses on the militia.

The qualitative military operations of the National Army forces, during the past two days, caused an unprecedented confusion in the ranks of the militia, and its concentration and ability to withstand on the field, in light of the painful blows it received by the National Army forces in the eastern front of Taiz, which coincided with its successive defeats on the ground as a result of repelling Its attacks are in the northern and western front of the city.

In the context, the Deputy of the Moral Guidance Corner in the Taiz axis, Colonel Abdul Basit al-Bahr, told “September Net” that the heroes of the National Army in the Taiz axis are fighting continuous battles against the Houthi militia on most of the fighting fronts in Taiz, and they teach it a harsh lesson.

Al-Bahr explained that the battles also took place in the vicinity of Mount Han and Hazran, west of the city of Taiz, in Wadi Salh, east of the city, and in the vicinity of the air defense north of the city, stressing that the forces of the National Army were able to break the militia’s attacks, and liberate new sites. He pointed out that the Houthi militia tried, on Wednesday, to restore positions liberated by the army, but it failed after colliding with the steadfastness and steadfastness of the army’s heroes, who thwarted its attempts and inflicted heavy losses on it.

The Deputy of the Moral Guidance Corner on the Taiz axis concluded by saying, “The heroes of the army in the Taiz axis taught the Houthi militia harsh lessons and stuck the noses of its members in the dirt. The Houthi militia was not able to advance even an inch on the Taiz fronts since 2015. The Taiz governorate took a heroic and legendary position in stubbornness against the Iranian tide. .

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