A mass escape from Hodeidah .. and urgent official and international action


The city and districts of Hodeidah witnessed a massive displacement movement, following the withdrawal of the joint forces from it and the Houthi militia’s control over it, while the United Nations announced the distribution of a limited number of camps for the displaced.

The data and statistics of the local authorities confirmed the displacement of one thousand families (equivalent to 7,000 individuals) from the areas of Wadi Al-Aqum, Al-Draibeh, Al-Zaafaran, Qadba, Al-Hamidiyah, Al-Shujaira, Al-Nakhilah, Al-Taif and Al-Kou’i areas, which are areas of the Al-Durayhimi district. In addition to a mass exodus from the areas of Al-Masnah, and 50th Street in the district of Al-Hali, and from the village of Mandhar in the Al-Hawk district in the center of the city of Hodeidah, and from the Al-Jah and Al-Tur areas of the Beit Al-Faqih district and the areas of Al-Mujailis, Al-Ghuwaireq, Al-Mateen and Al-Faza of the Al-Tahita district.

In addition, the local authority in the Mocha district of Taiz governorate announced the reception of nearly 200 families (1,400 individuals) who were displaced during the past two days to the district, which raises the number of displaced people to 3,500 families (about 24,500 individuals), as Mocha has become the destination of thousands of people fleeing the brutality of the war. The Houthi militia, following the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces, at the end of last week.

In turn, the Director-General of the Mocha Directorate, Basem Al-Zariqi, inspected a number of displaced persons’ sites, including the Al-Qatabiya site designated as a new shelter to receive families fleeing south of Hodeidah. Providing emergency response kits, shelter, and the necessary food and sanitation services.

A report distributed by the United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen on Monday said that a new site for the displaced, consisting of 300 tents, has been established to receive the newly displaced families in Al Khawkha district, while the Executive Unit for the displaced is looking forward to establishing another site to provide shelter for the increasing number of them in the area. This is according to a report carried by Al-Hadath channel.

Thousands of residents south of Hodeidah became displaced within days, as a result of the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces, and the Houthi militias taking control of those areas without a fight.

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