A mass escape of the Houthis from Sharaab and Maqbna and the closure of police stations.. and preparations to receive the joint forces in this way (photos)


The leaders of the Houthi militia in the districts of Sharaab and Maqbana in Taiz governorate fled after the joint forces advanced towards those areas.

Media sources confirmed the escape of the Houthi supervisor and other leaders and supervisors in Al-Runa, Maqbana and areas adjacent to Sharaab, following the advance of the joint forces west of Taiz.

The sources indicated that loyalists of the Houthi militias in Al-Runah neighborhood closed down police stations and stations, which were recently established, in preparation for the arrival of the joint forces, and the Houthi supervisor Ali Al-Qurashi fled, accompanied by other leaders.

The sources added that field commanders and Houthi elements left the Maqbna district towards Ibb governorate, after the joint forces advanced.

This coincides with a major advance by the joint forces, west of Taiz, and the control of a number of mountains and villages in the Shamir area of ​​Moqbna district.

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