A massive attack on a “military port” and violent battles between the joint forces and the Houthis in Hodeidah


The Houthi coup militia launched, in the past hours, a large-scale attack on the joint forces to control the Al-Hayma military port in Al-Hodeidah Governorate (western Yemen).

Military and field sources said that the Houthi militia launched a massive attack on the “Al-Hima” area, which includes the “Al-Hima Military Port”, in the Al-Khokha district, where the joint forces are stationed.

Meanwhile, the outskirts of Al-Khokha district are witnessing violent battles between the Tuhami and Al-Amalek brigades and the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, after an attack launched by the militias to control the military port of Al-Hayma.

The confrontations that took place in Al-Hayma area, the past hours, resulted in the killing of 7 of the joint forces, including Colonel Haitham Berri, the staff of the Fourth National Resistance Brigade (members of the brigade from the sons of Tihama), wounding others, and killing and wounding a number of Houthi militia fighters.

It is noteworthy that the “Al-Hima Military Port” was subjected to missile and drone bombardment by the Houthi militia, causing losses, and the port was subsequently evacuated.

Meanwhile, forces from the Tuhami brigades, the National Resistance and the Giants are stationed in the Khokha district, while some brigades from the Giants have re-positioned them in the Mocha district, west of Taiz.

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