A media school with a global flavor gets involved in supporting the Iran-Hezbollah-Houthi axis!


Al Jazeera, in its twenty-first year, is a channel with a past and no future.

Al Jazeera launched the Arab news media revolution and turned into a phenomenon and then failed to break free from the bondage of Qatari money, deteriorating over two decades into a government propaganda channel.

Al Jazeera presented the most famous talk shows and news coverage and formed an Arab media school with an international flavor. But it also fell into the mud of political liquidations, mobilization, settling regional accounts, and beautifying the face of Al-Qaeda, the Houthis, and the Taliban.

Working for Al-Jazeera was the dream of any journalist, and today working for Al-Jazeera has become a profitable investment in exchange for abandoning the standards and ethics of media work.

The transformation that took place on Al-Jazeera is similar to the “metamorphosis” in Greek tragedies, but this time from the beautiful to the ugliest.

Today the island has nothing to hide. And she had nothing to show either.

Remove the famous Al-Jazeera logo from its screen and follow the content, and you will not find a difference between it and the content of any government propaganda channel.

Al Jazeera enters its twenty-fifth year with heavy professional and ethical files:

The Qatari money file and the fact that “whoever pays the piper asks for the tune he wants.” Al Jazeera played all the tunes requested by the Qatari money, and if it could dance to the tunes, it would dance

And the file of the relationship with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, a relationship that went beyond propaganda to the involvement of two of its employees in direct relations with them, which led to their trial and imprisonment.

And the file of involvement in supporting the Iran-Hezbollah-Houthi axis goes beyond political strife to strategic engagement.

Al Jazeera is a history of pride and shame, professionalism and downfall, creativity and service.

In Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the protagonist awakens to find himself transformed into a huge, ugly stomach. Do you see how the island sees itself as it wakes up on the morning of the twenty-fifth year?

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