A message from a Yemeni citizen asking about the president, government and parliament


Addressing me, he told me that he no longer waits for the president to raise the flag in Maran, but rather wants him to call on the United Nations and the Security Council to end the role of the coalition, which has become a real partner in destroying the state and enabling the Houthis to attack state institutions and complete the cultivation of hatred among Yemenis. The coalition, he said, helps the Houthis to recruit and forcibly coerce people to the fronts under the pretext of confronting aggression.

And he added in his letter that he did not like the Yemeni government, as he loved the first and second government of Maeen Abdul-Malik. He admires Maeen, as he said because he is the only head of government in the world who leads the government of his country while it is in a state of war and has nothing to do with military or political affairs, and all his concern is the economy. And all his achievements are that the dollar reached 1500 riyals, while the dollar in the areas of the revolutionaries was 600 riyals.

My admiration is no less for the Minister of Information, who disrupted an army of specialized media professionals and left his ministry to two of his agents who overflow with obscenities and triumph for the Emirates, until one of them said that the UAE sacrifices the blood of its children for us, and we saw how the Emirates sacrificed for us in Socotra, Aden, Balhaf and Hadramawt, and my admiration increased for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and he He is planting a tree of friendship in Belgrade while attending the Conference of Non-Aligned Countries at a time when we no longer have a country.

As for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, I am a big fan of him. Because of his many moves to find a solution to the Yemeni crisis, he did not find time to eat and subsist on sandwiches, as evidenced by the fact that he has become agile and no longer has a belly. Promising peace with the Houthi, who holds the fuse of the Safer tank and attacks Marib with all kinds of weapons, it does not matter that the Houthi has promised the United Nations dozens of times to allow its team to inspect the tank and repair it, planting the tree of friendship will protect the Yemenis from the disaster of the Safer tank, and it does not matter that the Minister of Foreign Affairs reminds the international community of his obligations Towards Yemen, specifically its obligations to secure the Safer Reservoir. The most important thing is for you to use the word peace at a time when the Houthi terrorist gang is practicing all kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

I am no less impressed by the Arab alliance that promised us seven years ago that it would liberate us from Iran, and then Irlo was brought to Sanaa instead of Hadi. Abu Dhabi loves Yemen as much as they love steam kabsa.

The author of the letter ended his message by saying: All those who were in power yesterday are dear, they have become humiliated in exile, guarding their billions that they cut from the Yemeni people’s sweat and contented with exile as their homeland. In the grip of the Imamate, and her tears were shed on a group of stones, and he did not shed tears for his uncle, and another who spent his money on overthrowing the state and prevented from doing that to overthrow the coup, and if these people spent on forming a national front to save Yemen, one-fifth of what the Houthis take from their money, they would liberate Yemen in a few months, the cultivated citizen In his land, clinging to his identity, he fights in Ma’rib and repels missiles with his bare chest, while these people cling to silence for fear of what is left of their possessions under Houthi control. Do they have to tell the truth?

That was his message conveyed to the honorable reader as received.

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