A message to the republicans under Houthi control


To all the republicans in the areas under the control of the racist Imamis, you are from us and we are from you, and we realize that your agitation is not based on your conviction, because the republic runs in your blood. This terrorist gang and all of you return so that we and you will be under the banner of the state and the republic and do not stand in the way of your brothers who only want you to liberate from the bondage of tyranny.

We are the sons of one country, our past, our present and our future are one, so do not shed your blood for the sake of a racist group from immemorial times, it will leave you and flee when the stifle is severe, and here you see it with your own eyes how it collapses in Ma’rib and in the wilderness and graveyard like the bed hovering over the fire, and what remains of it It is your presence at the forefront of the ranks and you are fighting without it, for it is not strong except with you, for it is fragile and has no value, no belief, and no cause for it.

It is a group of thieves, criminals and corrupt.

Do not believe the idea of ​​coexistence with them, because the republic does not coexist with monarchy and freedom does not coexist with slavery. They lie as they breathe, claiming that they are against America, but their consent and their missiles are not directed towards America and Israel, but are directed towards Ma’rib, Al Bayda, Taiz, Al Hudaydah, Al Jawf, Aden and other Yemeni governorates.

Republicans, it is not surprising that thieves break into the house and steal all its contents, but the strange thing is that the theft is carried out with the knowledge of the people of the house and before their eyes and with the help of some of them without trying to prevent the thieves from stealing, and what is worse is that they not only stole the house, but even stole the tongues of the owners of the house They shut them up and pushed them to the fronts to be facing their brothers who want to liberate them.

You must leave this gang facing its inevitable fate, and do not prolong its existence. It is going against the movement of history and geography, and it is against the sound nature that God created the children of Adam with, when he brought them out from the appearance of their fathers, took a covenant from them and made them bear witness against themselves. That the inclination of the wombs to each other will make you incline to us, and the connection will affect you on the estrangement, and we will defeat you and this racist enemy.

We are confident that you will return to us, as we and you are on one ship, and the Houthi gang is violating it and carrying the dirt of fanaticism. Yemen is sinking and the aggressive racist Imams are violating it. One of the greatest violations is dividing people into masters and slaves and spreading division among Yemenis in order to kill each other, making it easier for this gang to control you.

Do not believe the motives of your enemy to frighten you from liberation, for he does not want anything but to enslave you, but he seeks to mislead your minds. You must put your hands in ours to eradicate this malignant tumor before it eradicates us. The aggression against one of them is sufficient to motivate you and your determination to preserve the foundations of your life and survival.

After seven years, it was confirmed to the far and near that this gang destroyed everything. It destroyed democracy, civil society, the state and its institutions. It destroyed life. It built cemeteries for our bodies, while it built palaces and high-rise buildings for itself. It loves life for itself as much as it loves our death. Its strength is the biggest lie like the lie of dropping the potion. Raise your hands about it and you will know then. It is weaker than Solomon’s temple.

We know that you are overpowered, racism is practiced against you and you feel discrimination in the details of your life, you are subjected to daily abuse, but you are the ones who gave strength to this fragile gang that is waiting for its inevitable fate. Truth and falsehood perish The falsehood was perishing.

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