A military expert expects the fall of two new provinces after the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah… and two crucial weeks in Yemen


A Yemeni military expert expected that two governorates would be out of the legitimate government’s control, after the joint forces withdrew from Hodeidah governorate and handed them over to the Houthi militia.

The military expert, Ali al-Dhahab, said, “The turn is on Shabwa, and it may be preceded or accompanied by Taiz; What is going on?”

Al-Dhahab stressed that what is happening in Yemen is “the last scene, and the national project has no effect on it.” He pointed out that “the conflict is taking place between narrow identities that reproduce themselves with full force, while “legitimacy” is monopolized by thieves claiming patriotism.

He added: “When asked about the real national project, another question arises: Where are its men?”

In his tweets, Al-Dahab pointed out that what is happening in Yemen is related to the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear agreement, explaining that “July 29 is the date for the resumption of the Vienna negotiations on the nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States; As Iran agreed to this, after the negotiations stopped 4 months.”

He wondered, “Were the changes that occurred in Yemen during the past two weeks a prelude to that?”

During the past weeks, the situation in Yemen witnessed rapid changes. After the Houthi militia was unable to storm the city of Marib, the Shabwa governorate was subjected to multilateral unrest, coinciding with the sudden withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah, and the Houthi militia tightening its control over the governorate.

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