A military expert reveals a new strategy for the war in Yemen and the benefits of withdrawing the joint forces from Hodeidah!


A Yemeni military expert revealed a new strategy for the war in Yemen, which the Arab coalition has begun to implement in Hodeidah Governorate.

The military expert, Ali al-Dhahab, said that “the withdrawal of forces from Hodeidah is not without benefits for the anti-Houthi parties, but it is very costly.”

Al-Dhahab explained, in a tweet on Twitter, that the benefits of withdrawing are “opening a legalized battle that drains his capabilities at a time when all fronts were silent.”

He pointed out that the other benefit of withdrawing from Hodeidah is “relief on Marib and Shabwa, and this is what is called in the war strategy, the exchange of time for space, but on the condition that this is used cleverly.”

The Arab coalition announced last night that what happened in Hodeidah is the return of forces on the western coast under its supervision, and within well-thought-out military operations.

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