A military expert reveals the next step after withdrawing from Hodeidah… and a limited opportunity for legitimacy before it is too late


A Yemeni military expert confirmed the fall of the Stockholm Agreement, with the withdrawal of the joint forces from Hodeidah and the Houthi militia’s control of the areas left by those forces during the past two days.

Military expert Ali al-Dhahab said, in a series of tweets on Twitter, monitored by the Yemeni scene: “The Stockholm Agreement has fallen, and soon the Riyadh Agreement will fall completely.”

He pointed out that “the government forces in Shabwa and Abyan have limited opportunities now, and they will diminish with the passage of time. Accordingly, the existential threat facing parties in this government has become more than ever. A multi-source threat, its strength, as well as its underlying weakness.”

The statement issued by the joint forces withdrawing from the West Coast described the one who wrote it as “a miserable journalist, all fallacies and has nothing to do with concepts of war and strategy, and has nothing to do with Stockholm’s obligations; Because the withdrawals are unilateral, and according to the calculations we talked about earlier.”

Al-Dhahab called on the legitimate government to tighten its control over the oil and gas ports, because they are the next target, saying: “Shabwa (Balhaf + oil) is now more important than Hodeidah, which has become, after the Stockholm Agreement, a burden on the financier and his local agents. This is part of the explanation for what happened.”

He pointed out that the delay in the UAE’s withdrawal from the Balhaf facility in Shabwa governorate is related to what is happening now on the western coast, saying: “It seems that the delay in handing over the Balhaf facility is linked to the transformations taking place.” He added that “ports and oil are forbidden to the public. Legitimacy, which is said to be all of the Reform Party.”

It is noteworthy that a statement issued by some forces withdrawing from Hodeidah governorate confirmed their intention to open new fronts in areas not subject to political agreements, and they are likely to head towards Shabwa governorate, which is witnessing a multilateral conflict due to the presence of oil facilities there.

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