A military expert reveals the party behind the violence and terrorism in Aden


The researcher and expert specialized in military and strategic affairs, Dr. Ali al-Dhahab, revealed the parties behind the planning and implementation of acts of violence and terrorism in the temporary capital, Aden, in conjunction with the terrorist explosion of a car bomb near the back gate of Aden Airport, which resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries. .

Al-Dhahab said, during a series of tweets on his Twitter account, which was followed by “The Yemeni Scene”, that it is possible to understand who is behind the violence in Aden and who is behind it, from the financiers, planners, and executors?, if we can understand the idea that “Aden” is forbidden to President Hadi.

Al-Dhahab pointed out that the one who runs Aden is the one who creates terror in it, wondering if Al-Houthi is the one behind the Aden bombings, so what prevents the Transitional Council from proving this to the Yemenis?

Al-Dhahab considered that what happened in Aden from a terrorist bombing is an extension of the escalating conflict within the Transitional Council, stressing that there is no exit from this cycle of violence, except in the presence of the state with all its authorities and bodies.

Al-Dhahab stressed that the project of colonial separation in Aden will fall with the passage of days, and the return of the unified Yemeni state will be embodied with it.

It is worth noting that yesterday, Saturday, terrorist elements detonated a car bomb near the first checkpoint to enter Aden International Airport in the city of Khor Maksar in the capital, Aden, which led to the deaths of five martyrs and more than 25 wounded, including children and women, in an endless toll of the bombing.

The Southern Transitional Council accused terrorist cells backed by the “Houthis and the Brotherhood” of carrying out the bloody bombing.

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