A military expert reveals the strategy that the Houthis are betting on to overthrow Marib and the army’s plan to preserve the city


The researcher and expert specialized in military and strategic affairs, Dr. Ali al-Dhahab, revealed the strategy through which the Houthi coup militia seeks to overthrow the city of Marib.

Al-Dhahab said in a tweet monitored by the “Yemeni Scene”, that the Houthi strategy in Marib is an attempt to encircle it, and this is impossible: because this requires forces and means that exceed the capabilities of the Houthis at present.

Regarding the army’s plan to preserve the city, the military expert explained that the army resorted to the circular defense plan, and this, too, is impossible. Because it requires forces and means that are not supported by the current situation.

According to the researcher in military affairs, the two parties (the legitimate government and the Houthi militia) bet on the strength and vigilance of the home front in the heart of Marib, and he concluded by saying, “Beware, beware.”

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