A military step that covers the map of operations on all fronts of the confrontation with the Houthis


You cannot go to the truth in a straight line, for it does not wait for you in a specific place.

What happened in Hodeidah during the past two days confirms that the truth is moving according to the changes and changes that surround it on the scene of events. It moves…and moves to settle in a place where no one can claim to have reached it.

The state of dispersion and rupture and the wrong bets that govern the parties of the regime’s resistance to the Iranian Houthi project do not enable anyone to see the truth because it is confused by the same reasons that make diaspora and rupture an acceptable act.

However, any important step of this kind cannot be justified by talking about repositioning except when there is a comprehensive strategy that makes this operation a military step that covers the map of military operations on all the fronts of the confrontation, and of course it is unique to a front on behalf of everyone.. It also cannot be considered It is considered an implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, which the Houthis repudiated from the first day of its conclusion, not to mention that implementation is a central task that no one undertakes on behalf of the political and military leadership.

In the circumstances of confrontation, we can only make such a step an opportunity to correct the imbalance. This is done from a standpoint that does not go farther than the dispute towards more diaspora, by arguing away from the tendency of treachery that separated our travels.

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