A minister in the legitimate government submits his resignation and leaves the capital, Aden


A minister in the Yemeni government that was formed under the “Riyadh Agreement” signed between the legitimacy and the Southern Transitional Council, submitted his resignation and left the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden.

Engineer Muhammad al-Muhaimid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications in the internationally recognized Yemeni government, said that the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, “Najib al-Awaj”, submitted his resignation and left Aden several weeks ago.

Regarding the reasons, Al-Muhaimid said that the lame-duck minister submitted his resignation because the Transitional Council prevented the launch of the “Y” mobile phone company from Aden.

And he added in a tweet monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”: “The Y-Aden Company is owned by influential people in the legitimacy and managed by former Minister Lutfi Muhammad Salem Basharif.

According to the engineer, Al-Muhaimid, the Transitional Council refuses to operate the company because it is convinced that it is still linked to the Houthi coup militia in Sanaa.

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