A mysterious Houthi trick to the public


There is some mysterious trick to the public, a trick that al-Houthi is marketing as a success for him, while he is a thief stealing from you silently, and he is not satisfied with denying his robbery; Rather, he wants you to witness his success and integrity, he does not give you anything tangible, he embezzles your dirhams while your eyes are closed, and then says: Look at the currency exchange rate in Sanaa and Aden..but the citizen asks himself, what do I benefit from this exchange rate difference..? no thing. You have 100,000 old ones in Aden, you buy the same goods you buy in Sana’a. You have 100,000 new ones, in Aden or in Sana’a, where you buy the same goods, with the difference that it becomes half the value in Sana’a, where does the difference go… to the Houthis, of course.
Why is the old currency price fixed on both sides and the price of the new one fluctuating, because the legitimacy allows the old to be traded within its range, while the new Houthi prevents the new within its range, because the Houthi is a thief and legitimacy is powerless and helpless, and the thief is more criminal than powerless.
Even if you are not an economist, you can easily realize that the exchange rate difference in Sana’a and Aden is the result of a Houthi fraud above all. Before the failure of legitimacy to control the market, there is, on the other hand, a group that controls half of the country, and imposes the price of the currency in Sana’a, whose differences are borne by citizens on both sides, you are in Sana’a or in Aden, the Houthi is primarily responsible for the rise in prices on both sides, but the authority in Aden alone is the one who pays The cost, while the Houthis reap a net profit every day.
Is the situation of the citizen in Sana’a better than in Aden, of course not, is the national product within the scope of Sana’a authority more than in Aden, no, does the authority of Sana’a bear any responsibility towards its citizens and commits to certain costs towards people’s lives, of course not, it collects taxes and customs It sucks the citizen’s bones and uses the stick to impose economic decisions that it deems appropriate in its interest, without regard for the consequences of this on the citizens of Sanaa and Aden together.
Legitimacy bears legal, administrative and moral responsibility for its failure to secure the issue of currency. Al Houthi bears moral and criminal responsibility for gambling with the lives of people in the entire country. Legitimacy cannot control the currency market easily, and you have a rebellious authority in Sana’a that controls a sector of the country, its people, and its economy and runs it in what is in its interest, then you get out. To brag about its success, perhaps you mean its success in the craft of banditry, it declares it daily brazenly, by marketing an imaginary price stability, while the price of goods in Sana’a is the same as in Aden.. Where lies the Houthi success, his success is based on the population weight represented by his areas and the fact that they are geographically controlled, It is a space of economic concentration that has accumulated over many decades..factors that helped him succeed in his robbery.
What a damn complicated trick.

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