A new announcement by the “Arab Coalition” regarding targeting the Houthis in the West Coast, Marib and Al-Bayda


Today, Saturday, the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy in Yemen announced that it had carried out 15 targeting operations against the Houthi militia in Marib and Al-Bayda during the past 24 hours.

He explained in a statement that its new operations destroyed 11 military vehicles and air defense systems, in addition to causing human losses to exceed 70 terrorist elements.

He pointed out that it had carried out 19 targeting operations on the western coast to support the coastal forces and protect civilians and operations, targeting a command and control center, a site for storing and directing drones, and supply and supply points.

This comes in conjunction with field advances made by the heroes of the Yemeni army and the joint forces in the governorates of Marib, Hodeidah and Taiz.

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