A new announcement from the Central Bank of Yemen regarding foreign currencies and “exchange companies”


The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden announced the results of the third auction it organized today, Tuesday, to sell 15 million US dollars, via the electronic platform.

In a press release, the bank stated that the total amount of bids accepted in the third auction amounted to thirteen million four hundred and fifty-one thousand US dollars (13451,000 dollars). As the coverage rate reached 90% of the announced auction.

He pointed out that the number of participants in the auction was five, while the number of bids submitted reached 14 accepted bids.

He pointed out that the lowest bid price reached 1461 Yemeni riyals per dollar, while the highest bid price submitted in the auction reached 1490 riyals per dollar.

This comes as the bank decided to allow a number of exchange companies and facilities to resume their activities, after completing the legal procedures followed by the bank.

In a statement, the bank stated that 14 companies and exchange establishments completed the necessary procedures stipulated by the bank to grant them licenses to conduct their business, and requested them earlier to come to its headquarters in Aden for the purpose of completing them.

The bank mentioned the names of 14 exchange companies that are allowed to resume their banking business and activities, after they have completed the necessary procedures so far, which are: Al Nasser Exchange Company, Al-Esayi Exchange Company, Al-Muraisy Exchange Company, Bin Alawi Exchange Company, Bin Doul Exchange Company, Wasl Exchange Company Al-Omqi Exchange Company, Salah Bin Awad Company, Al-Houshabi Company, Al-Baram Exchange Facility, Fahd Bin Yazid Facility, Al-Bawaba Exchange Facility, Abu Nashwan Al-Shuaibi Facility, Bakil Miftah Facility.

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