A new blow to the Houthis, the fall of an entire district and the cutting of the militia’s artery in Hodeidah


This morning, Saturday, the joint forces took control of the entire Hays district, south of Al-Hodeidah Governorate.

Media sources said that the joint forces had taken full control of the Hays district, and a number of areas of the Al-Jarrahi district, south of Hodeidah, during the past hours.

Pictures circulating on social media showed the joint forces in the Hays district, and activists said that the forces entered the security department in Hays after the Houthi militia was expelled from it.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces were able to cut the supply artery and the line linking Hodeidah governorate to the governorates of Ibb and Taiz, and took control of the Hays Junction (Saqm Triangle), which links the Hays district with the districts of Maqbna and Shara`ab Al-Runa and the entrance to the Al-Hasab district in the Taiz governorate.

The sources indicated that the militias had created a customs port, linking three governorates.

Yesterday, Friday, the joint forces took control of a number of areas of the Hays district, for the first time since the Houthi militia coup 7 years ago.

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