A new collapse of the Yemeni riyal against the dollar and the Saudi riyal in exchange shops


The exchange rates of the Yemeni riyal continued to collapse against the dollar and the Saudi riyal, with the opening of exchange shops, today, Monday, 11/22/21 in the city of Aden, with a slight change in Sana’a.

The following are the exchange rates this morning in Sanaa and Aden:

Exchange rates in Sanaa:

Saudi riyal

Buy: 158.6- 158.5
Sale 158.8 – 159

U.S. dollar:

Buy: 601 – 603
Sale: 605-606

Exchange rates in Aden:

Saudi riyal:

Purchase: 395 – 400

Sale: 404

U.S. dollar

Purchase: 1500 – 1520

Sale: 1530

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