A “new” country occupies the capital, Sana’a, in its own way


Informed sources revealed, today, Saturday, that an Asian country occupies the capital, Sanaa, in its own way.

The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that indirect Iranian support in the form of oil and commercial shipments and foodstuffs reaches the accounts of Houthi leaders, who carry out laundering operations for that money through the construction and purchase of large buildings in the capital, Sanaa, and the rest of the provinces under its control.

The sources indicated that the militia leaders are strengthening their presence in all neighborhoods and neighborhoods by purchasing residential buildings and new lands, with billions; As if Yemen has not been in a state of war for more than seven years; As a result of the Houthi coup against the national consensus in September 2014.

The Houthi rebels continue to build residential buildings in the capital, Sanaa, and the governorates under their control, remarkably, despite the worst humanitarian crisis facing the majority of Yemenis.

Al-Houthi’s intrusion into the so-called “Quranic buildings” provokes; In reference to the leaders of the so-called Houthi Quranic march; A widespread resentment against the Houthi militia.

Earlier, activists called a number of huge buildings owned by Houthi leaders “Quranic buildings.”

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