A new coup in Hodeidah and the imprisonment of the UN mission..an official announcement of the legitimate government


The Houthi militia overturned an agreement with government forces, under the auspices of the United Nations, that leads to the withdrawal of both sides in the seam areas.

The head of the government team for the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, in Hodeidah Governorate, revealed the Houthi militia’s refusal to withdraw from the previous lines of contact, in implementation of the agreement.

The head of the government team, Major General Muhammad Aida, confirmed that the militias did not allow the UN mission to perform its tasks, and that the mission is still trapped by the militias.

Aida indicated, in statements to Al-Hadath TV, that the militias have not removed the mines they planted from all areas, according to the agreement, and those mines are still killing civilians.

He added that the militias refuse to evacuate civilian homes in Hodeidah, and turn them into defensive positions, in clear violation of what was agreed upon.

Last Thursday, the joint forces withdrew from Hodeidah suddenly, and the Houthi militia took control of the city and a number of districts without a fight.

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