A new “Egyptian” draft law criminalizes “second marriage”


A member of the Media Committee of the Egyptian House of Representatives, Amal Salama, revealed that the new Personal Status Law requires the husband to notify the first wife in the event of a second marriage; According to a statement to Al-Watan newspaper.

She added that the wife has the right to file a case against the husband if she is not informed of his marriage.

And she continued, “It is studying a draft law to criminalize the second marriage, without notifying the first wife,” explaining that she will submit it as soon as she finishes preparing it.

And she added, “She suggested writing a quarter of the husband’s wealth if he divorced his wife if their marriage period exceeded 20 years, but the proposal did not receive much acceptance from Al-Azhar and the concerned authorities, and the proposal was replaced by the wife’s entitlement to file a case for alimony on the husband for the number of years of marriage, at a rate of 2,000 pounds for each year as a limit. minimum”.

Salama pointed out that “the law of the authorized persons, which is now being discussed by Parliament, has touched upon the requirement to inform the wife, and to obtain written consent from her to allow the husband to marry again.”

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