A new Houthi evasion to entrap the Murad tribes and the Islah party in Marib


The prominent Houthi leader and appointed governor of Dhamar, Muhammad al-Bakhiti, returned to fish in troubled waters, to entrap the Murad tribes and the Islah party in Marib.

During his tweet to him, the Houthi leader Al-Bakhiti sent a message to the sons of Murad to lure them to the side of the Houthi group, which has committed suicide since the beginning of this year on the walls of Marib, in light of the fierce and valiant response of the heroes of the army and resistance from the tribesmen.

Al-Bakhiti claimed that his group did not leave any tribe fighting alone, but rather supported them and were at the forefront of the ranks, considering the battle their battle.

The Islah party was accused of exploiting the Murad tribes to fight on the fronts against the Houthis, while they were in air-conditioned rooms, working to transfer currencies from Marib and convert them to dollars to steal the province, because they are sure that the battle is over and victory for the Houthis.

And he indicated that the reform leaders do not live in the country, but in villas and palaces abroad, and they own large investments.

Al-Bakhiti had earlier invited the Murad tribes, asking them to hand over the Al-Jawbah Directorate in Marib to spare it war, and to open the directorate’s roads to Houthi militants without a fight.

It is worth noting that the Houthi militia seeks from time to time to promote that the Murad tribes are fighting in their ranks according to agreements signed with them, and it has been shown that the militias forged this, after the tribes denied and continued to confirm their standing on the side of the republic to fight against the Houthis in defense of the homeland.

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