A new Houthi ploy to put pressure on the youth resisting the militia in Hodeidah


The terrorist Houthi militia resorted to a new ploy to compel those belonging to the resistance to return to their families in Hodeidah.

Local sources inside the city of Hodeidah said that the Houthis, through Oqal Al-Harat, and their supervisors in Hodeidah, are asking the guardians of the army and the resistance to force them to return or declare their innocence and write that innocence and sign it.

The sources added that some families fear the return of their children and fear for your safety, and many young people reject the idea or succumb to the pressures of return set by the Houthi militias.

The sources concluded by saying that the families of the resisting youth have become in a state of great anxiety as a result of the Houthi pressures they are subjected to.

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