A new Houthi trick to lure the “Marib tribes”


A limited number of notables from the tribes of Marib governorate loyal to the Houthi rebels announced today, Sunday, a new Houthi trick to lure the “tribes of the province” to the ranks of the Houthi militia.

An extensive meeting held by the sheikhs and notables of the governorate in the capital, Sana’a, called for “a general reconciliation between all the tribes of Ma’rib and the revival of the principle of displacing markets and roads.” In a new trick to penetrate the ranks of the tribes supporting the Yemeni army and refusing to invade the Houthi militia.

The sheikhs renewed the call for all the people of Ma’rib to quickly announce their approval of the initiative presented by the Houthi leader to the Omani delegation earlier, which is imposed by the majority of the governorate’s tribes altogether.

A limited number of the province’s tribes loyal to the Houthis announced last week that they welcomed the Houthi initiative, which claimed to spare the province from war.

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