A new plan to target the “transitional” with regional support


Informed Yemeni sources revealed, today, Tuesday, a new plan to target the Southern Transitional Council, with regional support.

The sources explained to “The Yemeni Scene” that the plan includes supporting armed factions claiming to represent the south, with the aim of implicating the Southern Transitional Council, in a new conflict, to relieve pressure on the Houthi rebels, on the fronts of Al-Dhalea, Abyan, Shabwa and Lahj.

The sources indicated that a southern faction supported by regional forces hostile to the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy, (in reference to Iran), is now preparing from the southern suburbs of Beirut, to go to the field again within the framework of a systematic plan to transfer the tools of the conflict to the southern arena in the next stage and to target the Transitional Council. .

The sources called on all forces affiliated with the banner of legitimacy and the coalition to unite ranks and pounce on the Houthis before it is too late, and not to let them monopolize the Yemeni regions one after the other.

And the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies had said in a position assessment paper that the recent clashes in the city of Aden added new tensions in the separatist southern rank, which may establish future cycles of violence, with the convictions it reinforced that the secession project adopted by the Transitional Council or other parties to For his part, the chances of his achievement are dwindling.

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