A new recipe for the “West Coast” and “Marib”!


What was required was to relieve the pressure on Marib by entering the war against the Houthi militia on all fronts of the fighting, not withdrawing from the dormant fronts and handing them over to the Houthis.

What happened on the West Coast is treachery (withdrawal, handing over to the enemy), and if designers call it “repositioning,” it is the strangest “repositioning” operation in the history of wars.

How do you hand over large areas on the western coast to the Houthi militia, so that it can go and fight this militia to liberate another land in Marib and Al-Dhalea?! This is what you ride. This is what they say about him: Handing the bird to me in the hand for the air above the tree.

Finding the reasons for what happened is better than justifying it.

There may be a new twist, or what happened confirms that the forces of the giants are the liberator, protector and actual guardian of the West Coast.

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