A new round of the Southern Transitional Council coincides with the return of the government to Aden


A source close to the Southern Transitional Council revealed a new round of the council, coinciding with the return of the legitimate government to Aden.

The politician and academic close to the transitional, Hussein Lakour, said that there is a “successful political tour for the transitional.” There are forces in the legitimacy that seek to chaos and to disrupt the economy and the collapse of the currency, and they are not concerned with the people as much as they care about collecting and looting public money.”

He pointed out, “The return of a certain government proves that it was neither threatened nor prohibited from working in Aden, but there are those who do not want to alleviate the suffering of the people.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik and a number of government ministers returned to the temporary capital, Aden, coinciding with angry demonstrations taking place in a number of governorates due to the deteriorating economic situation and the collapse of the Yemeni currency.

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