A new Saudi statement regarding the inclusion of Houthi leaders in the international sanctions list


Today, Friday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the inclusion by the United Nations Security Council of three leaders of the Houthi rebels in the list of sanctions.

In a statement, the ministry expressed its aspiration that this listing would “contribute to putting an end to the activities of the terrorist Houthi militia and its supporters.”

She said, “The new sanctions will neutralize the danger of these militias, and stop supplying this terrorist organization with missiles, drones, quality weapons and funds to finance its war effort to target civilians and economic facilities in the Kingdom, spill the blood of the Yemeni people and threaten international navigation and neighboring countries.”

The ministry reiterated “the Kingdom’s continued support for Yemen and its legitimate government, and support for all international and security efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to end the Yemeni crisis and alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.”

And last Wednesday, the sanctions committee in the UN Security Council included three Houthi leaders on its list.

The United Nations stated on its website that the three leaders, Muhammad Abdul Karim Al-Ghamari, Youssef Al-Madani, and Saleh Al-Shaer, carried out “activities that threaten peace, security and stability in Yemen.”

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