A new split hits the Houthi “Governing Council” in Sana’a


Informed sources said today, Tuesday, that a new split hit the so-called Supreme Political Council of the Houthi rebels in Sana’a.

The sources told “The Yemeni Scene” that the parliamentarian and leader of the pro-Houthi Socialist Party, and a member of the so-called Supreme Political Council Sultan al-Sami’i, refused to return to the capital, Sana’a.

The sources indicated that Al-Sami’i preferred to settle down recently in Taiz, where he appeared during the “Prophet’s Birthday” events.

The sources noted that Al-Sami’i attributed the reason to the fact that he “no longer knows who is ruling in Sanaa after the death of Saleh Al-Samad.”

Earlier, disagreements erupted between Al-Sami’i and Houthi leaders over corruption and looting by the leaders of the Houthi militia, which prompted Al-Sami’i to attack them.

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