A new squadron .. “Yemeni Air Force” enters a decisive battle line against the Houthis, with “American” and “Russian” support


Informed Yemeni sources revealed today, Monday, that the “Yemeni Air Force” will enter a decisive battle line against the Houthi rebels, with a squadron of new fighters, with “American” and “Russian” support, and in coordination with the Arab coalition that supports legitimacy in Yemen.

The sources told “The Yemeni Scene” that Yemeni pilots are conducting limited refresher military training to use US military equipment and will participate in bombing the bank of targets in the decisive battle in the coming days.

The sources indicated that the fighters will participate in supporting the Yemeni army and the joint forces outside the Stockholm Agreement.

Two years ago, the recognized Yemeni government submitted a request to the US administration and the Russians to help rehabilitate its air force and to provide it with a squadron of aircraft for use in its military operations.

The Air Force and Air Defense are one of the branches of the Yemeni armed forces, and its mission is to protect the sovereignty of the Yemeni airspace. It was established in 1990 AD after the unification of the two parts of southern and northern Yemen.

The Air Force consists of 8000 soldiers and possesses an estimated 247 air units, ranging from training aircraft to air fighters, through transport aircraft, a transport/fighter helicopter, and a few medical helicopters that were launched in mid-2013. It owns 30 Sukhoi Su-22 aircraft, in addition to four other Sukhoi aircraft. 22UM3 in its arsenal of 79 aircraft is in service until September 2014.

The Air Force owns several military bases, the most important of which are “Al-Daylami Air Base” in Sana’a, “Al-Rayyan Air Base” in Mukalla, “Ataq Air Base” in Shabwa, “Tariq Air Base” in Taiz, “Al-Anad Air Base” in Lahj, and “Al-Anad Air Base” in Lahj. Air Hodeidah” ​​in Hodeidah.

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