A new statistic of the victims of the Houthi ballistic bombing of the house of a tribal sheikh, south of Marib


The number of martyrs of the Houthi militia’s bombing of residential neighborhoods in the populated Al-Amoud area in Al-Juba District, Marib Governorate, with a ballistic missile Thursday evening, rose to 13 martyrs and a number of wounded, including two in critical condition; According to the “Marib Governorate website”.
Local sources confirmed that during the past hours, 7 bodies were pulled out from under the rubble of the house, which turned into rubble, some of them were unable to identify them due to the rupture of their bodies, while a number of the wounded are still receiving treatment, including two seriously ill.
Yesterday, Thursday evening, the Iranian Houthi militia targeted the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qibli, located in the populated Al-Amoud area, with a ballistic missile, which led to the complete destruction of the house, and a number of neighboring houses were damaged.
The militia’s bombardment of the Al-Amoud area came yesterday evening, a day after targeting the Jarash area with more than 20 mortar and Katyusha shells, which caused the injury of dozens of civilians, the destruction of their property, and the displacement of more than 500 families.

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