A new UN promise to the “Houthis” regarding Sana’a International Airport


Today, Sunday, a UN official made a new promise to the Houthi rebels, to put pressure on the opening of Sanaa International Airport.

The United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, William Grisley, said during his inspection visit to the airport, “We promised specifically to pressure the opening of the airport, not the United Nations who closed it, and we will continue to do so.”

He added: We are dismayed by the closure of Sanaa airport despite the great need for Yemenis to use it and to have the ability to access the medical care they need outside the country.

He continued, “I was able to see the effects of the damage to the airport, and what concerns us now is how to reopen it.”

He pointed out that the airport has good capabilities to receive planes, despite being out of order for years.

And Gressly had previously emphasized the clear position of the United Nations on Sanaa International Airport and its continuous call to reopen it to commercial aviation as a humanitarian necessity for citizens.

Last September, the recognized Yemeni government announced its full readiness to open Sanaa International Airport to civilian flights again.

Despite Yemeni calls to open the vital airport, they are being met with continued rejection and intransigence by the Houthi rebels.

For months, initiatives were made to lift the ban on the airport and a ceasefire in the country, but the Houthis rejected these initiatives, including one by the United Nations and another by Saudi Arabia.

Since 2016, the coalition has suspended civilian flights to Sanaa International Airport.

More than 8 million citizens from all governorates benefit from the services of Sana’a International Airport, whether in the southern or northern regions.

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