A new warning to the “STC” regarding the military escalation in Shabwa, in conjunction with a “fruitful” meeting with “Al-Zubaidi” in Riyadh


Today, Monday, the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council issued a new warning against the military and security escalation in Shabwa Governorate.

In a meeting chaired by Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Acting Speaker of the Council, Speaker of the National Assembly, the commission accused “Brotherhood leaders of seeking to suppress the popular will of the people of the governorate, which was expressed in the massive popular gathering in the Al-Watta area on November 16.”

She stressed the necessity of quickly arranging the governorate’s conditions and leadership in accordance with the Riyadh Agreement, according to a chronic mechanism, to ensure that the economic and service conditions, salaries and administrative status at the Central Bank are addressed.

She stressed the activation of the oversight bodies with the priorities of negotiation in the political and military field, in order to secure the arrangement of the situation of the local authorities in the southern governorates and the transfer of the Yemeni army forces to Marib to participate in confronting the Houthi militia, fighting corruption and stabilizing the economic situation.

This comes in conjunction with the meeting of the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council with the delegation of the Southern Transitional Council headed by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, regarding the opportunities for implementing the Riyadh Agreement and the latest developments on the ground, in a meeting they described as fruitful.

The ambassadors urged the Southern Transitional Council to engage in constructive partnership with the recognized government to serve the Yemeni people, according to a statement.

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