A new “Yemeni documentary” reveals attempts to obliterate the Yemeni heritage


On Wednesday, a Yemeni TV channel will start broadcasting a documentary film entitled “Our Mined Heritage”; According to the director, Omar Al-Amky, in a post on his Facebook page.

Al-Amqi explained that the film, which will be broadcast by the “Yemen Shabab” satellite channel, will reveal the racist ideas that were planted in the Yemeni heritage.

He pointed out that it was not easy to open this file, which Yemenis view as part of their beliefs and popular heritage, especially with the huge number of books and references that codified this racist heritage, without those Yemeni elites who contributed to documenting it sorting, confronting or revealing its content.

He pointed out that “the film combines the historical narration of the stages of obliteration and distortion to which the Yemeni heritage was subjected, and a review of examples of that heritage, in its two parts, the Yemeni and the Salali.”

The film, which was produced by the “Yemen Shabab” channel, which will be shown to its viewers at 10 p.m. next Wednesday, attempts to present part of those details missing from Yemeni memory, to which Yemen’s history, heritage, rituals and traditions were exposed.

In a television hour, he reviews the distortion and forgery that affected fashion, tales, folk legends, chants, chants, proverbs, folklore, chants and songs of various kinds, and how many artists and intellectuals fell victim to this fake heritage.

The film reviews various models of those rituals and occasions that Yemenis celebrate in their lives throughout the geography of Yemen.

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