A parliamentarian in the Islah party breaks his silence in response to the leaking of a document on the budget of the House of Representatives


A prominent parliamentarian and leader of the Islah party responded to the document circulated regarding a proposed budget for the House of Representatives, amounting to about 10 million Saudi riyals.

In a clarification he posted on his accounts on social media, Shawki Al-Qadi, a prominent parliamentarian and leader of the reform, said: “They are circulating an image of a paper that they say is an estimate of the budget of the 2021 parliament sessions.”

He added, “And I say to those who inquired about it: I have no knowledge of it at all, and we have not discussed it or told about it. Perhaps it was a draft proposal or it might be forged, all possibilities exist.”

The parliamentarian Al-Qadi continued his statements by saying: “But the most important thing in the matter is that this leakage and publication (forgery or truth) aims to stir up public opinion so that the council does not convene, and thus achieves the goal of the presidency, the government and parties in the coalition (in reference to the UAE), the Houthi militia, the racist racist terrorist and the owners of Disruption projects continue to disrupt the role of Parliament.”

He said: “In my view, if the council will convene and its sessions will continue in full sessions and play its national role in resolving the situation, returning state institutions to the interior and activating its apparatus to address the security imbalances, and the military situation in resisting the Houthi coup and the liberation of Hodeidah and all fronts and progress towards Sana’a to liberate it, and provide services health, infrastructure, and others, so let him spend on it “nine times” and double what was mentioned in this paper’.

And he pointed out that “if the planned session (in the event of the truth) is a rooster’s egg, to pass an agenda, analyze a divorce, or cast ashes on the people’s eyes that the assembly has convened, then we return and the representatives to the “winter hibernation” and “the sleep of the people of the cave.” “A single riyal spent on it is forbidden and a major sin and a national betrayal.”

The judge concluded his statements by saying: “If this budget is available, let it be spent: salaries for the fighting heroes of the army, treatment of the wounded among them, the families of their martyrs, and to address the collapsed exchange rate of the riyal.”

The local media was published leaked document, on a proposal regarding the budget of the House of Representatives, in exchange for holding its sessions exceeding 9 million Saudi riyals, including rewards for each member in the amount of 50 thousand Saudi riyals.

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