A parliamentary source warns against handing over strategic areas to the Houthis… and movements of Tariq Saleh’s forces


A Yemeni parliamentary source revealed what he described as a “dangerous conspiracy” that will lead to handing over areas liberated years ago to the Houthis.

Parliamentarian Sheikh Muhammad Waraq said, in press statements, that internal forces preparing for a Holocaust will be the victims of huge brigades loyal to legitimacy, after withdrawing the most powerful weapons from those fronts.

Warraq explained that the pro-Emirati forces on the western coast are tending to withdraw their highly-armed forces, and keep the Giants, Zaraniq and Tihama brigades, in the face of the Houthi militia, without heavy weapons, which threatens their areas of presence with the invasion by the militia, which is superior in equipment. .

He pointed out that there is confirmed information “in the cultivation of hidden hands in sensitive areas such as Al-Durayhimi, Al-Jah and Al-Faza to facilitate the entry of Houthi militias, and on the other hand, the Houthis are constantly mobilizing to bring down the Tuhami coast.”

Parliamentarian Muhammad Warraq pointed out that “the conspiracy stipulated the withdrawal of the National Resistance Forces towards Mocha and Al-Wazi’iyah, and the keeping of the Zaraniq, Tihama and Amalek forces of the Holocaust inside, so that Tariq Saleh would absolve himself of responsibility and blame the other brigades.” Tribal to stop this scheme.

During the past weeks, forces belonging to the so-called National Resistance, led by “Tariq Saleh”, were transferred from Hodeidah to areas in Taiz, without revealing the goal of these changes.

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