A political analyst reveals a comprehensive war against Saudi Arabia with the participation of the Houthi militia and Hezbollah.. It is being run from this Yemeni city (video)


A Saudi political analyst revealed an all-out war against his country, led by the Houthi militia and the Lebanese Hezbollah, through drug smuggling into the kingdom.

In statements to “Rotana” channel, the political analyst confirmed the participation of Hezbollah with the Houthi militia in its war on the Kingdom, as Hezbollah targets the Saudi social fabric, pointing out that what is happening is a comprehensive war against the Kingdom, as he put it.

Al-Aqili added: “Hezbollah is a partner of the Houthi movement, and is driving the military operation in Sanaa.” He added: “The Lebanese militias are targeting the Saudi social fabric through drug smuggling operations into the kingdom.”

He pointed out that “drug smuggling from Hezbollah to Saudi Arabia aims to finish off the Saudi man and strike his youth. Saudi institutions are targeted. It can be said that we are facing an all-out war in which the terrorist party is waging against the kingdom, so the kingdom’s escalating position against the party has emerged in Lebanon.”

He stressed that “Hezbollah’s damages are widespread throughout the region; The Syrian and Iraqi peoples, as well as the Lebanese people themselves, were not spared from Hezbollah.”

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