A popular challenge… The sons of Dhamar ignite the torch of the September revolution despite the Houthis’ objection


The terrorist Houthi militia tried, on Saturday evening, to prevent a spontaneous concert on the occasion of the anniversary of the September revolution in the city of Dhamar in the center of the country.
Local sources said that the Houthi militia surrounded a gathering of citizens and tried to prevent them from lighting the torch of the anniversary of the September revolution.
The sources added that a spontaneous gathering of citizens in the Red Club in the city center with the aim of lighting a torch commemorating the 26th of September revolution, was surrounded by dozens of militia members who threatened the citizens with arrest and forced them to disperse.
The sources confirmed that the citizens insisted on their effectiveness and lit the torch, in a scene that angered the Houthi militia.

The militia had targeted a torch-lighting ceremony in the city of Midi in Hajjah governorate, and had also targeted the city of Ma’rib with two ballistic missiles after the revival of the torch-lighting ceremony.

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