“A powerless authority” … A Houthi leader attacks the militia authorities


The leader of the Houthi militia, Muhammad Ali Al-Emad, attacked the militias, describing them as incapable.

The attack by Al-Imad, who is the CEO of the pro-Houthi Al-Hawiya channel, came after his announcement that the “Ninea Wal Nas” program, which is broadcast on the channel, had been suspended.

Al-Imad said, in a post on his Facebook account, that the media identity network announces the cessation of broadcasting the “Ninea Wal Nas” program in protest against the inability of the concerned authorities to hold those involved in the swindling and looting of the rights of shareholders in housing associations accountable during the period of the previous regime.

Observers believe that the general’s attack on the Houthis’ authority is due to the Houthi militia’s attempt to show that it is democratic and accepts opinions in order to improve its image in front of Yemeni opinion.

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