A prominent conference leader breaks his silence and reveals the party that forced the joint forces to withdraw from Hodeidah


A Yemeni official and a prominent leader in the General People’s Congress revealed who forced the joint forces to withdraw from Hodeidah Governorate.

A member of the Shura Council, head of the General People’s Congress in Hodeidah, Issam Shreim, accused the UAE of withdrawing the forces loyal to it from the western coast, stressing that the legitimacy was not aware of what happened.

Shreim said, in statements to Al Jazeera, that “the UAE uses the Yemeni file to barter in other regional files… and what is happening on the West Coast is completely separate from legitimacy.”

Shreim invited the legitimate government in Riyadh to investigate the withdrawal from Hodeidah.

A member of the Shura Council pointed out that the presence of military formations far from legitimacy is a great danger.

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