A prominent leader in the Islah party: A military council for the liberation of Yemen and a political solution.. and this is the fate of the forces in the coast!


A prominent leader of the Islah party called for the formation of a military council to liberate Yemen from the coup militias, and to integrate all forces within the framework of the Ministry of Defense.

Olfat al-Dubai, a prominent leader in Islah and a member of the Constitution Drafting Committee at the National Dialogue Conference, said, “It is not going to integrate all the military forces, whether in the south, the coast, Taiz or Marib, within the framework of the Ministry of Defense and the formation of a higher national military council led by the President of the Republic.” There will be neither liberation nor political solution.”

Al-Dubai held the leaders of the parties to implement the Riyadh Agreement, according to the outcomes of the dialogue, saying that “the leadership of the aging parties has a historical responsibility to impose its presence to directly supervise the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement according to the reference of the outcomes of the national dialogue, and it has a historical responsibility after that to take a decisive stance towards any local or foreign party. External hinders the implementation process,” as she put it.

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