A prominent military commander fell captured by the Houthis after he was wounded and news of his death was reported (name)


Media sources revealed the capture of a prominent military commander of the Houthi militia, after he was injured during the battles and news of his death.

The sources said that the staff of the Al-Majed Ahmed Al-Damani Al-Awdhali Brigade in the Mukairas district of Abyan governorate was captured by the Houthis, and was transferred to Dhamar governorate.

The sources indicated that the military commander sustained minor injuries in one of his feet and shoulder during the battles, and is now with the Houthi militia in Dhamar Governorate.

And media sources had said earlier that Al-Damani was seriously injured during the confrontations that took place east of the Mukayras district with the Houthi militias coming from the Al-Somaa Al-Bayda district after they invaded the past weeks. She added that Al-Damani was seriously injured and died while trying to help him in Aden.

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