A prominent military commander in the army was killed by a Houthi ballistic missile


A prominent military commander in the National Army was martyred today, Sunday, from his injuries in the missile shelling launched by the terrorist Houthi militia, yesterday evening, Saturday, to target the lighting ceremony of the September Revolution in Midi district, Hajjah governorate.

Military sources confirmed that Colonel Abdullah Muhammad Tarmoum was questioned by the criminal Houthi militia’s launch of a ballistic missile at the site of igniting the eternal flame of the September 26 revolution in Midi, Hajjah Governorate.

According to the sources, Colonel Tarmoom was martyred, along with a group of his heroic colleagues, in the crime committed by the Houthi militia against the residents of the Fifth Military Region and a number of civilians.

And earlier, the local authority in Hajjah Governorate confirmed that the number of victims of the attack launched by the Houthi militia on the celebration of lighting the torch of the September revolution in the Midi district of Hajjah governorate, has risen to 12 civilians killed and 22 wounded.

The local authority in Hajjah condemned the heinous crime of the terrorist Houthi militia, which targeted a mass party held in the Midi district during the torch of the September 26 revolution (yesterday evening), and said that it “led to the death of 12 civilians and 22 wounded, most of whom were civilians.”

It called on the international community and local, regional and international human rights institutions to condemn this criminal and terrorist act carried out by the terrorist Houthi militia, and to take practical and procedural steps to classify this militia in the list of terrorist organizations.

The local authority in Hajjah confirmed that these crimes will not terrorize the Yemeni people, and will not defeat the heroes of the national army as much as they will increase their determination to proceed with the battle of liberation with courage and courage, and we will not retreat from the values ​​of the rejuvenated September and October revolutions.

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