A racist who practices racism against himself and others


The apostles and prophets are preferred over each other.
People are distinct classes, including master and follower.
Some tribes are selected and some are selected.
And the tribe within it is the purest, purest, and closest to God.
Some of the acts of worship are better than others and some are superior to others, so prayer is better than Hajj and jihad are the highest of them all.
Some of the surahs of the Qur’an are better than others, and its verses are not equal, for there is gold, diamond and earthy in it.
He created the male and the female to degrade the stronger and the weak, for males are good and strong, and women are evil and temptation.
Animals are subject to the law of “layers on top of each other,” with the horse and camel at the top, and the dog and donkey at the bottom.
And the days are also subject to the law of discrimination, some of them are sacred and preferred, and the hours of the day are likewise, some of them are hours of evil and Satan, and some of them are hours of good and mercy. Even the members of the human body are subject to the law of preference, discrimination and racism. The right hand is better and the left is evil, the right hand is good and the left is bad, and sleeping on the right side is health and the left is disease.
They planted discrimination even within the members of the human body of a person, so they made his right hand hate his left and some people became suspicious of each other.
An exceptional case of overlapping racism, distinctions and preferences, not only according to religion, gender, and status, but also preferences within the same sex, within the same religion and within the same social status.
Racism practices racism against itself and others.

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