A real battle between three important Yemeni governorates


I have the right to say that the real battle began with the new positions that re-scribed the structure of the front on the western coast of Yemen

Al-Houthi moved away from the coastline and camped at the ports of cities and villages and to the mountains, leaving the joint area to protect vast areas, outposts, small populations, and thatched houses. However, it remained for years bound by the UN agreement that Al-Houthi ended by himself when he decided to take what the joint vacated.

Hays and Tuhayta and the extension of geography to the Al-Aden Junction and on the other hand to the quarry and before Al-Najiba was threatened by the Houthi presence, but the new positions liberate these mountain ranges, from the hand of the Houthis, complete the liberation of these cities, and receive a battle of liberation for the mountains and living communities, and here is the good news from sickness.

Sick, the Houthi made it an important outlet that brings together Ibb, Taiz and Hodeidah, and now it is in the hands of the joint, which means the possibility of transferring the battle to the depth of the mountain in the triangle between three important governorates.




The narrative of all in one battle.

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