A reformist leader declares it frankly: You corrupt wanderers, do not blame “George Qardahi” and these are the reason!!


A prominent leader of the Islah Party confirmed that the legitimate government and political parties had failed to inform the world about the truth of the Houthi coup, and what is happening in Yemen.

A prominent leader in the Islah Party, Shawqi Al-Qadi, a member of the House of Representatives, said: “Before you blame George Qardahi for two words he said because of: his information, relations, alliances and interests, blame yourselves (and I am with you). Where is the role of our parliament, our foreign ministry, our embassies, our consulates, our communities, and… you corrupt wanderers.”

Earlier, the parliamentarian, Al-Qadi, addressed the Lebanese Minister of Information, saying: “Dear George Kordahi, we followed you in Who will win the Million, so we liked you and we loved you.”

He added, “But your statement on the Yemeni issue was impressionistic, unsuccessful and without information, and that is why I stuttered about it.”

He continued: “We hope to know the disaster of the Houthi militia coup and its crimes, and that it brought war and destruction, and we await a brave and generous apology from you.”

The Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, provoked a diplomatic crisis between his country and the Gulf states, because of his statements about the war in Yemen, which he described as absurd, and described the Houthi militia as defending Yemen from external aggression, as he put it.

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