A report by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor against “Pharaoh” against the background of sexual innuendos


Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against Bassem Abdel Moneim, “The Young Pharaoh”, for publishing songs that corrupt public taste, carry sexual overtones and incite immorality.
The statement was based, according to Sabri’s statement, on the fact that “the phenomenon of contempt and inferiority practiced by many thugs, ignorant people, addicts, drug users and professionals of depravity, about whom the artist Hani Shaker, the head of the Musicians Syndicate, issued a decision to prevent them from engaging in this low activity.”
The reporter appears against him, in a video that broadcasts festival songs, “reaching a degree of humiliation, words and sexual insinuations, the purpose of which is to incite obscenity and harassment, and to encourage young people to commit crimes of all kinds.”
The lawyer attached a CD containing the songs that the whistleblower had broadcast against him, and requested that an order be issued to investigate what was stated and issue an order to seize and bring the money against him and refer him to the urgent criminal trial.
It is noteworthy that there was a crisis that erupted between the artist Hani Shaker and festival singers several days ago, and reached the point of preventing them from singing.

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