A sad statement by Parliament Speaker “Sultan Al-Barakani” regarding the death of Yasser Al-Awadi


The Speaker of Parliament, Sultan Al-Barakani, mourned the prominent leader of the Congress Party, Yasser Al-Awadi, who died this morning in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, due to a sudden illness.

Al-Awadi, who resides in Cairo, died suddenly, according to a brief statement by his son on his personal account on Twitter.

The following is the text of the statement issued by the Speaker of Parliament, Sultan Al-Barakani:

On this sad morning and the dark moment in blackness that pervades our beloved homeland, great speeches invade us to take from us a brave man, a brave fighter, a brilliant parliamentarian, and a prominent sheikh, Sheikh Yasser Ahmed Salem Al-Awadi, may God have mercy on him, who passed away early this morning to add sorrows to our sorrows. The tragedy made me sad, and his separation saddened me, and our wounds and the wounds of our dear Yemen thickened, and the calamity shook my being and hardened my tongue. )

Like you, Yasser, may God have mercy on you, grieve and cry, and if you are from a family that is accustomed to losing its sayings one by one and has not been shaken by a catastrophe, or bend or break, your father Sheikh Ahmed Salem, may God have mercy on him, was martyred while you were a child and rose up a giant, and before him was martyred the dean of the family of the Awad fighter Ahmed Abd Rabbo al-Awadi, may God have mercy on him and a lot Among the martyrs of Al-Awad, the republican affiliation is free of patriotic thought, with sincerity and sincerity, she leaves Yemen today sad and is absent from it while it is captive in the hands of the rogue Houthi dynastic gang,,

Sabra Al Awad

The heart is humbled and the eyes shed tears, and we will only say what pleases the Lord

The God and that to Him we return

To the Gardens of Eternity, Yasir, with the prophets, the truthful ones, the martyrs and the righteous, may God have mercy on you

The sad regret:

Sultan Saeed Al-Barakani

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